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Creating outstanding academic essays in no time

Quick writing doesn’t have to be done at the expense of quality content. You can master the science of writing fast and still retain important factors such as coherency, interest, and language precision. If you struggle with the speed of pushing out essays (because let’s face it, you have so many to do), then take note of the following steps which will aim to speed up your writing.

Pre-emptive methods for quicker writing

The part of writing multiple essays that will take up most of your time is coming up with relevant content for each one. Use these pre-emptive methods to counter this obstacle.

  1. Take copious notes in class
  2. Keep a medium sized notebook with you for each subject and make notes when you are in class or at lectures. You can easily use these notes to form content for your essays. Not only will your content be relevant, but your teacher will be impressed that you took his or her words seriously.

  3. Keep a relevant book handy
  4. Reading about your topic from external sources can do wonders for your essay. Visit the library and get yourself a book about the topic you are writing about. You don’t have to read the whole book, but you are sure to find loads of relevant info snippets which will transform your essay into a masterpiece.

    Stick it on your desk or pin it on your wall—whatever you do, make sure you have a checklist available so that you don’t have to waste time checking yourself while you write.

    An example of such a list can look something like this:

    • Introduction is a summary – Use different words
    • First paragraph should be a statement
    • Second paragraph should be presenting evidence
    • Third paragraph should be the analyzing of all the former content
    • Conclusion: Sum everything up, restate the statement, and make suggestions for further reading or study.
    • Proofread the assignment

    Whatever your essay style, make up a list of your own and keep it nearby to speed up your writing.

    Methods to exercise while you are writing your essays
    During the actual writing process, utilize these methods to cut your writing time in half.

  5. Overdo and sub-divide your outline
  6. When you plan your essay structure, lay down two more subheadings than what you need. This will allow you to dedicate fewer words per heading, making it go a lot faster. Once your content is written, you can combine paragraphs appropriately or simply cut content away that isn’t contributing to your essay.

    You can also sub-divide your headings into multiple parts. The more categories you have in your essay, the easier it will be to read, and the shorter it will take to write.

  7. Point and flow, point and flow...
  8. Remember to make a point, and then flow from that point to the next one. You can plan your essay using this technique by simply writing all the points next to each other in your draft. Once you write your final paper, turn each point into a sentence and link these to their counterparts.

  9. Use quotes and build content around them
  10. Take some authoritative quotes within your field of study and write about two or three of them within your essay. Now use those same quotes to construct your content.

    Do this one of two ways:

    • Make a statement, and then back it up with your quote.
    • State the quote, and simply elaborate on it.

    Because the quote is already written for you, all you need to do is copy it over into your essay, and then expand it in your own words to fill your page.