Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bloomberg Convinced He Can Bring Lee To The Mets

Thanks to a certain guy from Akron, celebrities have been making their way into sports news even more than usual these days.  Most recently, New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has assembled an all-star team of clowns to make a run at luring big free agents to the Knicks.

When the mayor found out that the Mets were interested in aqcuiring Mariners ace Cliff Lee, he thought that he could help.  So on Wednesday, with the Mets away in Puerto Rico, Bloomberg gathered his troops.  The team, which consists of Spike Lee, Whoopi Goldberg, Tracy Morgan, Donald Trump, Alec Baldwin, Mark Messier, Chris Rock and the team's newest member Flo the Progressive Insurance lady, met at Citi to record a video urging Lee to come to the Mets.

The only problem?  Lee is not a free agent.  Whether Lee comes here or not will ultimately be decided through negotiation between the Mets and Mariners GM's.  That piece of info however didn't seem to bother the group.  Bloomberg explained, "If we're not out doing this nonsense then we would have to go back to real jobs.", exclaimed Bloomberg.  "Have you looked at the city lately?  The budget is a disaster, The MTA is literally a train wreck.  I'd rather be out doing this foolishness than deal with that."

All articles featured on The Apple are fictitious. No Mets were harmed in the writing of this story.


  1. Was hoping the Apple might have been able to get their hands (or stem) on that video. I think everyone would love to see it.

  2. Flo the Progressive Insurance lady. Ha ha.


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