Friday, April 22, 2011

New Baserunner Traffic Light Aids Mets In Win Over Astros

Plagued by a series of baserunning blunders and bad decisions during this recent homestand, the Mets decided to install a new traffic light system to help their baserunners. Last night, against the Astros, the system made it's successful debut.

Placed behind home plate, the sign simply says RUN or STOP depending on the situation.

Carlos Beltran became the first Met to utilize the new system when he selfishly scored on a J.A. Happ wild pitch.  "It was great.", said Beltran.  "I just waited for the light to turn green and then I ran.  I didn't even know it was a wild pitch."

"It makes it much easier for me now.", said Angel Pagan.  "I don't have to think at all out there now.  I prefer it that way."

The night wasn't all good news though.  Frustrated after striking out and not looking where he was going, Pagan walked right into the pole and had to leave the game with an injury to his side.

Despite the setback, the Mets feel the debut was successful.  So successful in fact that the team plans to install a similar light in the dugout for manager Terry Collins.  Early reports say that the sign will say DON'T BUNT or NO SERIOUSLY, DON'T BUNT.

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