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7 Tricks To Make The Most Of An Essay Example

If you are working on an essay one of the most valuable tools you can have at your disposal is that of an example essay. Reviewing an essay example can prove quite helpful no matter what type of essay you are writing.

So what tricks can you employ to make the most out of your essay example?

  • Trick #1
  • Try and get the essay example from your teacher before you turn to any other resource. Remember that your teacher is the person who will be grading your paper. If you can get a sample paper from them then you will know exactly what information you will be graded on and what they consider to be an “A” paper. While you will have no trouble finding examples from many other sources you cannot guarantee that an “A” paper you find from another source will constitute an “A” paper from your teacher. So make sure you ask them first and foremost before you search for a sample from another source.

  • Trick #2
  • Look for a sample that is on a similar topic to yours. The reason for this is that finding a sample on a topic similar to yours gives you the chance to look over the sources that are used and perhaps integrate them into your paper. This will save you a great deal of research.

  • Trick #3
  • Always photo copy or print the sample you are using. Bring home a tangible copy so that you can cross check information or have it right next to you as your work.

  • Trick #4
  • Get a sample that uses the same format required of you. Do not download an MLA sample paper if you are asked to write an APA sample. This will only confuse you when it comes time to format your paper.

  • Trick #5
  • Find a paper that is written by someone in the same level as yourself. Do not try and copy the work of a sample paper written by a high schooler if you are completing a college paper. Conversely do not follow a sample of a masters student if you are only in high school. Stick to your grade.

  • Trick #6
  • Look over the sample paper before you start writing yours or conducting research. This will give you the chance to really familiarize yourself with what is required and how it was laid out.

  • Trick #7
  • Take notes on the sample of things you like or don’t like so that you can adhere to the things you like and avoid the things you don’t like.