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Basic Suggestions On How To Write An Excellent Persuasive Essay

The persuasive essay, also known as the argumentative essay, is a work that relies on its ability to successfully argue its feature topic in a concise way. Students who write persuasive essays have to select and investigate a topic through collecting, producing and evaluating evidence supporting their topic.

The main goal of writing a persuasive essay is establishing a position on the topic at hand. At the same time, the student writer needs to state their position in a concise manner.

In order to write an excellent persuasive essay, students need to gather evidence to further support the essay they plan to write. The catch is, however, students also need to critically evaluate the information they collect before they begin writing....

Writing An Excellent Persuasive Essay ~ The Structure

As long as students know how to construct an argument, writing a persuasive essay is simple. To provide a guideline, here's a brief look at how a persuasive essay should be structured:

  • The Introduction: Opening statement that sets context for essay, explaining its importance and then stating the thesis statement for essay.
  • The Body: Provides basis of argument for thesis statement and topic, including substantial evidence in each paragraph. Each paragraph should also be limited to discussing one idea, allowing the essay to clearly express its ideas while remaining readable.
  • The Conclusion: Readdresses the thesis in accordance with the evidence presented throughout the entirety of the essay.

How To Write An Excellent Persuasive Essay ~ Basic Suggestions

Persuasive essay writing isn't difficult, but it does present some of the trickier aspects of essay writing to students. One of those tricky aspects is best known as making an argument.

Making An Argument

Arguments are generally conveyed in one way. But, arguments are more multifaceted than that.

An argument typically consists of several components: a claim, a warrant and supporting material.

  • A claim is the conclusion that's being explored within the argument—the point of the argument. It's essentially the answer supporting the rest of the thesis or essay.
  • The supporting material is the argument's evidence that supports the claim. It otherwise helps convince readers to see the weight of the argument's claim. In most cases, multiples instances of supporting material are needed to fully support an argument.
  • The warrant is essentially an interpretation of the supporting material. Warrants are needed to explain and support the relationship between an argument's claim and its accompanying evidence or supporting material.

Persuasive essays, in theory, successfully present the elements of an argument in a way that allows the reader to clearly understand the writer's position on a specific issue.