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What Should I Include In An Argumentative Essay On Women's Rights?

The topic of women’s rights has been gaining a lot of interest lately and some of the women involved seem to be doing their best to kick up as much steam as they can. There are many obvious issues affecting women in everyday life and these matters do need to be addressed, however, the actions of women’s rights activists have also been raising some brows.

When writing an essay on women’s rights, there are many angles you could take and many that you should not take. However, the issue is complicated and its hardly anyone’s fault when they offend someone because of something that they said. The following is a list of points to consider when writing an argumentative essay about women’s rights:

  1. What are human rights
  2. The topic of personal rights can be hard to defines, since, how do you explain having the right to something? What does that even mean? You should definitely attempt to define this concept or at least state what it means to you. If you can accomplish this, it would make the discussion about specific human rights, like that of women, much easier to understand.

  3. Why do women feel like their rights are neglected
  4. Attempt to identify the situation and present the necessary information to the readers that will allow them to get the gist of the issue. Because of the nature of this situation, many people are not aware of the alleged unfairness that women have to face as they go about their daily lives. Making readers aware of this is vital when discussing this topic.

  5. What are women asking for
  6. Women’s rights activists are making very specific demands and these must be addressed in your paper. Do not attempt to translate or explain it any different than it is stated by those involved. Try to use direct quotes as much as possible and maintain original context.

  7. Are their demands practical or fair?
  8. While it is prudent that you analyze their demands and come to a conclusion about the validity of their claims, it is important to maintain that this is only your opinion. Be ready to be held accountable for anything you say.

  9. How can the situation be best resolved
  10. This is obviously a problem or women wouldn't be making such a fuss about it. Attempt to understand the problem and propose any possible solutions you may have.