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What Is The Basic Format Of An Analysis Essay

An analysis essay is one of the most common forms of essay assignments. In order to be successful, follow a simple planned outline and this will be the easiest assignment ever. Better than being an easy assignment, this can become an assignment that brings success and presents the writer as an outstanding student.


Many students tend to skip this part and proceed directly to the task of writing the essay. This is tempting, but it is a mistake. A student may consider this a waste of time, but this step ultimately saves you a great deal of time. In plotting out points in advance, and thinking through the points to be made, the essay gains structure.

Another advantage is that in thinking through each point, the writer is able to assess if one of the points provides inadequate material or perhaps needs to be reconsidered.

Outline Each Point

Even if the student has procrastinated to the very last moment to complete the assignment, still, take the time to outline the points for be covered in the essay. This added time will pay off huge dividends! Here are some benefits of the outline:

  • In outlining each point, the essay gains balance. By visually representing the point in the form of an outline, shortcomings can become very clear.
  • Once the outline is completed the student’s task then simply becomes one of fleshing out each point, thus reducing the effort required in the actual writing process
  • The outline keeps the writer on task and ensures that the essay does not ramble

Compose the Introduction and Conclusions Last

Although the introduction comes first, this portion should never be written until the main points of the body is complete. Hold off composing the introduction and conclusion until last. The benefit to this is that the writer does not need to determine the entire content until after it is written. This sounds logical, but many times writers attempt to start by writing the introduction.

When composing the introduction and conclusions, these portions serve as bookends to the analysis essay. The introduction and conclusions will closely mirror one another. The introduction will give a preview of each point to be covered in the essay. The conclusion will likewise wrap up the discussion with a confirmatory statement on each of the points.

Finally, a road map of your analysis essay will look like this.

Analysis Essay Format

  • Introduction
  • Point #1
  • Point #2
  • Points #3
  • Conclusion