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Creating A Solid Essay Using Comparison And Contrast Methods

Most of the time when you need to write an essay, your teacher provides the topic and the requirements. When you are lucky enough to be able to choose the topic for yourself, you have the chance to create a really extraordinary paper that will be interesting, informative and professional. You can aim for the maximum grade since you can opt for any subject that you like or that you find engaging. Most of the students treat this task superficially, and that is why their content will not impress the professor. A solid essay using comparison and contrast methods is fun and easy to create if you have in mind these guidelines:

  • Choose two subjects that can be compared and contrasted. They need to be similar to each other and connected through multiple items. Depending on your course, you can choose two books, two inventions or psychological disorders. The more easy you can find connections between these two, the faster and better you will write. Avoid subjects that are different or that are hard to analyze.
  • Research each topic. In order to be able to compare them, you need to know details and information about them. Make sure to focus on the parts that you will analyze, not on different, individual ones. Search for issues that can be compared with them and make a list.
  • After you finished your research, select the items that you will introduce in the composition. Make sure they are meaningful and the differences and similarities that you introduce are highly relevant to the topics. Do not integrate issues that are non-important or vague, this will take away from the professionalism of your paper.
  • Write your essay and use a smart structure. Especially for this kind of composition, you need to have a very clear structure in your mind. You can’t arrange the ideas chaotically. Create an outline and arrange the comparisons in a logic way. You can put each item in contrast using special formulas or to dedicate half of your essay for similarities and half for differences.
  • Proofread and ask for feedback. Reserve a day after you finished writing your paper to proofread and correct any mistake that you missed. If you are not sure that everything is perfect, ask a classmate to read your text and point out the parts that need editing.