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How To Write An Essay Properly: A Basic Manual For Beginners

Writing an essay is something we’ve done since childhood. Some of us have done it just as one would write any other answer, while some have had a tough time figuring out what on earth we’re supposed to do! Now, the funny thing is, out of those who used to struggle with something apparently as simple as ‘I say’, 70% people think they are the only ones finding it difficult. By now, you already know, you’re not alone. What you can rest assured now is, there is a solution.

The basics for a good essay

You might have started off thinking an essay is no big deal and then got disappointed with lower grades than anybody else in the class. That must have been demotivating as a child and today you may be an adult trying to make sure the same does not happen to your child, or, just trying to make sure history does not repeat with your own thesis.

Here are simple and definite tips to ensure that you’re not making any mistake with the presentation of your research work or school level writing:

  • Content: No matter how much your teacher or instructor or a so-called expert advisor focuses on the way you handle a topic, the base to make a strong essay is the content. Of course, it is a ‘how’, but never miss out on the ‘what’. To make strong substance, you need formal backing for your argument. You need to do your homework right because your essay needs to be more informative than opinionated and even opinions need to be backed with factual justifications.
  • Style: Once the substance is strong, it is important how to make it stand out. The trick here is to strike a balance between the flaccid and the frills-buttons-and-bows, the cliché and the crazy! What you write should be formal, yet creative and firm in opinion, yet not imposing.
  • Length: This is something many people take lightly. While it is absolutely okay to write 20% less or more number of words than specified, ending too brief or going on and on is one of the worst mistakes any writer can make. The point is to check whether the writer has managed to express their views in the specified word limit or have had enough opinion to come close to the lower limit, if any.

These are basically the main points to keep in mind while writing a simple essay or freelance a paper, and if you have these basics right, you’re sure to not make a disaster.