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What It Really Takes To Compose A Great Opinion Essay

You will often have to write essays based on your personal opinion about a conversational topic. If you are writing such a paper for the first time, you should find out what it takes to compose a great assignment. First, you should select an arguable topic. Second, you should develop your main idea keeping the requirements of your teacher in mind. Third, take all the necessary steps following these useful tips:

  • Formulate your opinion.
  • You should spend some time collecting research about your study subject in order to learn more about it, pick a side, and formulate your own position. You can use observations, expert opinions, facts, and trustworthy statistics to prove your argument. However, make sure to express your point of view clearly.

  • Acknowledge other opinions and arguments that have been made.
  • This type of academic writing requires students to analyze different sides of an argument. In other words, you should acknowledge what other people think about your study subject. For example, if you support wearing school uniforms in your paper, you should also mention that many students do not like wearing it and briefly explain why.

  • Write an effective transition statement.
  • It is important to write transitions between paragraphs of your paper. However, it is even more important to use a transition statement that shows how your point of view adds to the argument that is otherwise faulty or incomplete. For instance, you can mention the counter argument and then suggest something that is vital to the understanding of the issue.

  • Make your argument sound professional.
  • A great opinion essay should contain a solid argument. This single sentence should not be sarcastic or contain a sour note. You should keep a professional tone and make sure that your statement simply says enough. It is recommended to use active voice and avoid slang, jargon, and emotional language.

  • Provide high-quality supporting evidence.
  • To make your thesis statement sound valid, you should carefully select the evidence. In a concluding paragraph, you should list supporting details to back to your position. This paragraph should summarize the key ideas of your writing and restate your thesis. Use paraphrasing and remember to include everything important.

Although writing an opinion essay seems complicated, in truth, it takes several things to keep in mind. You should pay special attention to your argument, select interesting supporting details, and use your writing skills to anticipate any potential weaknesses in your own position.