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How To Define An Explanatory Essay: Basic Points To Take Into Account

Explanatory essay or expository article is a form of writing where something intended to describe or explain. In other words, it describes other person’s viewpoint, situations or reports. It also reflects elaborated writings based on other person’s information. Usually, in an explanatory writing criticisms and argumentative elements are not included and the writer sticks on with explaining the topic with detailed analysis. Usually explanatory writings are used to explain complex concepts and terminologies clearly.

Structure of an explanatory essay

Explanatory or expository writings are slightly different from other formats of essays and it has certain rules and regulations to follow. You have to prepare a lot before start constructing an explanatory article. You have to be professional and should have a good command on the language for developing a standardized expository writing. In general, expository essays are constructed as a five paragraph article which incorporates all essential facts and analysis of the given topic or subject.

A typical expository article comprises of three major sections. They are:

  • An introductory paragraph: this is where you start writing your explanatory essay and it comes with an effective title. The title of the introduction should be clear, precise and informative. This helps the readers to understand which topic you are elaborating in your article. A catchy title is always preferred in order to attract the readers and it should not deviate from the topic. The introductory paragraph portrays what has to be explained or analyzed in your essay.
  • Article Body: this can be constructed in two or three paragraphs and here you can explain about your topic or situation in an elaborated matter. You can use various statistics, graphical representations, popular quotes, recent case studies or any research materials in an organized manner. Every paragraph in the article body should come with supporting topics or subheadings which directs the readers onto the main topic. The paragraphs must be well organized in a sequential order which makes the readers toread your entire article. Try to use most accurate words and quotes which substantiate your topic and avoid usage of unnecessary phrases and sentences.
  • Conclusion: the final paragraph of your explanatory essay is a conclusion where you sum up your points and arrive at a conclusion regarding your topic. You can polish your article by quoting the important points of your evaluation. A list of reference materials used for the completion of your articles can also be given in this section, if necessary.