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Full Walkthrough On How To Compose A Good Descriptive Essay Of A Place

Some people think descriptive essays are the one of the best things you can write. If you’re someone who enjoys writing, you’ll definitely love this. Here is a fully composed walkthrough explaining how to compose the piece. Good luck!

  • Start general – To begin with; you need to start setting the scene. Don’t get into it too much, just make it a general picture. Make sure you use modifiers, metaphors, similes. Make it flow.
  • Focus more closely – After you’ve given the reader a general picture, it is time to focus in more closely. Start a more in-depth description of the surroundings. Think about the textures, the way things look and the atmosphere of the place.
  • Smell – While you’re focusing in close, you should think about what it smells like around the place. If it’s a train station, you might smell the gas, for example. If it is the seaside, you might smell seafood or donuts.
  • Weather – The weather is also a good one to think about. If you want to create a more positive image of a place, you should go for brighter, sunnier weather. Perhaps a soothing sunset. If you want to create a negative image, you should go for something darker – maybe a thunderstorm.
  • Sounds – You should always consider what the place sounds like. Think about the sound of people chatting, or of birds twittering. In any case, you should describe a wider picture and then a narrower one – make sure you focus on a tiny sound that may seem insignificant. This will make your piece more descriptive.
  • What’s there – One of the most important parts of your piece is to think about what is actually at your chosen place. What makes it different? What’s significant about it? Again think of a wider picture, such as a train, and then focus on it – it’s not just a train, it is a train where the paint is peeling around the windows.
  • End with a general picture – Just like you began, you should end the piece with a general picture of the area. Create that image in your mind. Maybe the weather has changed since you started your piece, affecting the mood. Consider it. Make it interesting.

Descriptive essays are very laid back pieces – but make sure you get everything in there. Read over your work and consider if you could paint a picture with the words you’ve written.