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Looking For An Extended Database With Solid Essay Examples

Essay databases are rather diverse, but they can be broken into several main categories. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

  • Writing center databases.
  • A writing center of your school, college, or local library probably boasts a collection of excellent essay examples. They may be available online on the writing service’s website or on paper. These databases are completely free to use, and the high quality of the samples is guaranteed. However, the choice of examples may not be as large as you would like.

  • Free essay databases.
  • Despite of the common view of free online academic paper databases as being low in quality and unreliable, there are exceptions to this rule. Use the recommendations of your peers to find a large and solid free essay database, or simply visit one and pick several random papers to assess their quality. If these samples are good, lots of others must be worthy as well. The most popular free databases contain hundreds or even thousands of essays on every imaginable subject. In order to get access, you may be required to upload an essay of your own, although in most cases, you can do without it.

  • Essay databases with paid access.
  • Some essay databases charge monthly fees. After you pay, you can browse and download lots of essays for no additional charge. These databases generally have essays of high qualities, being far more selective than free databases. One can only make considerable profits from essay database access when the choices provided are worth paying for. However, their fees can be rather high. Look for databases with a free trial period. It is usually very brief – a few days or even a single one – but enough for you to see whether you like their essays and would like to retain access.

  • Databases with essays for sale.
  • Websites that sell papers to you as separate files are not the best choice when you are looking for essay samples. There is no way that you can evaluate an essay’s quality before paying for it – most of these databases do not allow any previews. Although essays for sale are on average two times cheaper than those ordered from custom writing services, buying a bunch of them will be rather costly. As you can’t be sure that you will get a better quality for your money, the result is simply not worth it. Do not believe that solid essay examples are impossible to obtain for free. It is possible, although you may have to spend more time looking for them.