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Composing An Essay On Why Reading Books Is Better Than TV

This article will explain how to compose an essay on why reading books is better than TV. Writing a paper that gives reasons why one thing is better than the other should considered as a contrast and compare. This deals with a certain type of research. You will be dealing with opinion not facts. You must put together material that sways the audience to your side of the point of view.

  1. Go to resources that have made studies on the use of the two. This will give you some type of stats that can help bring your side home. There is so much information that is already out there to be used.
  2. Interview the experts in this field. They can offer all kinds of insight. They can give you all the pros and cons you are looking for before you put together your material. Remember you are making a statement that says reading is a better option then watching television.
  3. Reading can put you anywhere your mind wants to be. It lets you set the tone for what you personally feel. You do not have to listen or believe what someone else perceives something to mean. Reading takes you to places in your mind you may never get a chance to go in your life.
  4. Reading strengthens many senses and skills that are needed in everyday living. They also build your mind in a positive manner.
  5. Television is used in so many different ways. It is focused on getting you to think and feel the way the advertisers want you to feel. They put suggestions in your head that you may never thought to ponder. This can be dangerous to people that are very easily lead.
  6. People should make their own decisions on the way they see things. This is why so many children think and act the way they do. They are less to feel the emotion of using and living with the ideas that they themselves have complied on life.
  7. Their way of acting and talking is influenced by who they feel are celebrities in the world. Television makes hard choices look easy. It makes living with their consequences nothing but glorious. Reality is never a part of their thought process.
  8. Think of which one you would want your child being babysat by. Who you feel will lead them down the right path.