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Composing A Powerful Essay About Developing Countries

There are hundreds of countries on our planet and one of the most noticeable differences that can be observed within them is the standard of living enjoyed by their respective citizens. This and other factors are compiled to decide whether a nation is developed or developing. This phenomena has many causes which can be looked at in critical detail in a powerful essay if handled by a good writer. Here’s a how you can compose such a paper.

  • Read about third world countries
  • Countries that are not yet developed are not all identical. You may find a few features are similar but they tend to have different issues. Some have persistent civil wars, others suffer from systemic corruption or repeated severe natural disasters. Find out what issues they are more likely to be facing and how these trap them in a cycle of underdevelopment.

  • Visit a few
  • This is not an option that everyone can engage in but if you can, take a trip to a less developed country. The physical reality is very different from what you can gain from a book. Just be aware that your presence is unlikely to lead to lasting change. You will write a better paper but unless you engage in activities that will build communities, you are not helping the country develop.

  • Read up on the history of colonization
  • Most countries that are developing have experienced a period of colonization that seriously set back their advancement technologically, socially and politically. In such cases the resources may have been extracted for the benefit of another nation which went on to develop quite rapidly as a result. In many cases the institutions that were set up to facilitate this draining of resources are still in place under different names. Companies that were unfair to indigenous populations have rarely been penalized and several continue to operate in the same regions. Understanding this relationship will help you.

  • Consider getting help over the web
  • You do not need to do all of this on your own of course. There are a host of online resources you can try using if you have to. This website can assist you if you want trustworthy help. You can view sample papers or ask for more in-depth information as is needed.

As long as exploitation is a feature of our major economic systems, some countries will be developed at the expense of others. Capture this sentiment and your essay will be strong.