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Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On The Effects Of Early Marriage

Marriage is a hot topic for young people, usually women but many males put much thought into successfully accomplishing this lifelong mission as well. Marriage can be tricky, from the dating aspect, both parties, ideally, usually put their best foot forward when representing themselves and their personalities. This is more so when one party has a strong desire for the other and spare no expense when attempting to win their heart. With all this in mind, there are many aspects of society that encourage marriage over common law relationships. Ethically and morally speaking, this seems fine, however, most people develop an understanding of life and themselves much later on and many find themselves making decisions early that they regret when they become a little wiser. Here are some angles from which one can approach the issue of the effects of early marriage:

  1. Societal pressure.
  2. There are cultures still in existence where parents or guardians practice a tradition of finding suitable suitors for their offspring. Sometimes the religion of a particular area may encourage young families to start at times that may inhibit the academic or career oriented pursuits of individuals.

  3. Religious pressure.
  4. As mentioned above, religion can dictate certain integral parts the lives of persons who are either a functioning member of the faith or just living under that denomination. Some say that these people fail to see the grandeur that is marriage by enforcing such an important aspect of life too early.

  5. Growth and development.
  6. Various studies have shown that both sexes develop at different rates before they have reached the age of twenty. therefore, the level of life experience and individualistic maturity one may have may not be adequate for the challenge that is marriage.

  7. Bad parenting.
  8. Bad parenting can push a young adult or teenager to cling to someone that comforts them which can result in hasty matrimony. This process usually involves one or both parties to elope which raises new trials on their premature journey.

  9. High divorce rates.
  10. The points mentioned above and many more that aren’t stated here has been known to increase the average divorce ratings of recent decades. Write also on the negative repercussions divorce can have on the population holistically.

  11. Emotional and psychological illnesses.
  12. The stresses that one can experience when not aptly prepared for an undertaking can lead to severe episodes of mental instability which may need medical attention.