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Basic Instructions For Creating An Argumentative Essay On Human Trafficking

An argumentative essay on human trafficking should contain a controversial, well-formulated thesis statement. You need to research your topic as well as any ideas that may oppose your chosen point. Another important part of your writing process is formatting your assignment correctly, according to academic standards. Moreover, a strong assignment should include convincing evidence and reliable facts.

Writing a Decent Argumentative Essay: 7 Vital Tips

To compose a decent essay and develop a strong argument, follow these 7 vital tips:

  1. Find your narrow topic.
  2. Since human trafficking is a heated topic that involves plenty of controversial points, you may focus your writing in different ways, e.g. argue that some governments actually support slavery these days.

  3. Think about your position.
  4. Although most people stand against buying and selling human beings, you may try to develop an argument about the positive effects of such a situation.

  5. Learn other opinions on the topic.
  6. Researchers, journalists, writers, students, and other people have argued against and for the topic, so learn their arguments and opinions before you start writing your paper.

  7. Know an opposing side.
  8. No matter what side you choose, you should know the opponent’s stance on the problem so that you will be able to counter-argue in your writing.

  9. Find the facts.
  10. Fortunately, today, international organizations gather statistics on human trafficking, so you could get solid facts to back up your argument effectively.

  11. Get a sample outline.
  12. Having a sample outline, you will learn how to organize your thoughts, what elements to include in your argumentative paper, and what examples to use to illustrate your statements.

  13. Use transitional words.
  14. To make your text flow, use transitions that illustrate, point to examples, add, summarize, suggest, or contrast. Consider using these words and phrases: namely, moreover, hence, with this in mind, yet, besides, and on contrary.

Considering Important Questions about Human Trafficking

To learn the important basics about a chosen essay topic, you may use the following list of questions to answer:

  • What does the term ‘human trafficking’ mean?
  • What are the elements of human trade?
  • How widespread is this phenomenon?
  • Who can become a victim?
  • How do people become victims of traffickers?
  • Why do some individuals sell and buy other people?
  • Why cannot victims escape from the traffickers?
  • What are possible effects of human trafficking on victims?
  • How do governments fight human trade?
  • What is the role of the police and migration departments in preventing human trade?