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Composing A Winning Essay About Education In The Past And Present

This subject matter is one that is nothing short of a debate. When you’re deciding on how to approach this assignment looking at it in your own way. While looking at it in that simple way. The idea is to come-up with opinions that area strong enough to sway the audience. You are the lawyer so research is vital. The audience is the jury. This article will explain composing a winning essay about education in the past and present.

  1. You must be prepared for the entire process. The paper is made –up of mostly theory. Getting and keeping the audience’s attention means everything. They are well-educated and informed people. You must find some rare and intelligent information. Remember the more you are prepared is crucial.
  2. Be sure you are comfortable with the findings in your experiment. There is no such thing as bad findings. You can work on the dir4ction later that came forward. To be ready have two sets of questioning set-up for them try to foresee the questions the audience may answer. Practice tearing them apart. This will catch them off balance. The second set are questions that are asked by you that can only be answered with your theory. I t will be hard to contradict yourself when it comes to answer the questions.
  3. Move, talk, and keep eye contact like you are sure of your answers If by some chance they ask a question you do not know just let them know without getting frustrated.
  4. Practice your information from your findings. It will be convincing to know the answers no matter what they throw at you.
  5. Place your topic sentences where they will do the most good. You start by using the five strongest pieces that explain the theme. Place the two strongest in the first and last paragraphs. This is where you want to grab the attention in the beginning. The last paragraph is the last thing they lead.
  6. Your research must be thorough and accurate so that you give them the right information and the work is informative.
  7. Keep the process the same with each essay. Start with an introduction, then a body that supports the introduction, then the conclusion. Hopefully the conclusion leaves the reader with something to think about so that he will want to learn more about the subject.