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Advice For Composing A Great Essay About If Technology Is Good Or Bad

Everything changes with the time. Human beings have changed their circumstances with the help of science and technology. Human beings have discovered and invented many things from the beginning of the society. Technology has changed our life and made it easier but there is always a question mark whether it has good effect or bad. Here is a compare and contrast given below.

Good effects of technology

There are countless advantages of the technology. It has made our life easier and still there are new things being invented with the everyday passing. Here are some examples of how technology has influenced our life. The inventions of bulb, fan, vehicles, television, phone, computer and so on. The benefits of technology is not limited to earth only, it has reached to the space.

We the help of technology whether is forecasted and we get the news before happening natural calamity such as cyclone, earthquake, flood, typhoon etc. After getting forecast people get time to prepare to fight with the situation. Thus natural calamity cannot damage more and people able to protect them before the situation gets worst.

Bad effects of technology

As we know that everything has some advantage and disadvantage, so it is applicable in this regard also. It is true that technology has many advantages and at present our life is completely depend on it. However there are some negative points which compel us think that life was good without the help of technology.

Though it has made our life easier so that time is saved and we can move to other work easily but in doing so it has made us lazy and it is harmful to our body and mind both in the essay. The people of early age used to do work manually therefore their health remained sound but the picture of today is not the same. At present almost 99 percent people suffer from various diseases, a must info for the essay.


After studying the above both sides we perhaps would be confused that which one we should choose. If we choose one side then we have to lose another one. The brighter side of the technology is vast. There will always be a darker side of everything we do but it does not mean that for few disadvantages we lose it. Apart from that it depends on us how we take the things.