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Essential Components Of A Good Five-Paragraph Essay About Smoking Ban

Smoking kills, this is common knowledge, what may not be common knowledge is that persons who are not smokers, but simply manage to inhale second hand smoke, are most at risk. Many countries try to regulate smoking activities, to little avail, as a pastime habit, smoking may be the most popular in the world.

When writing a five paragraph essay, you want to ensure that you select a topic that is interesting, both to you and you readers. Secondly, always make sure you possess enough information on the the topic, to allow you to create a well written, complete paper. The following short points will list five essential components of a good five paragraph essay:

  1. Hypothesis and title selection
  2. Enforcing a smoking ban in most places will affect many people and may even cause some riots. Aside from the inconvenience to smokers, many businesses and public places stand to lose as well and sacrifices must be made. By observing the current environment, formulate a hypothesis predicting the changes and effects that could take place in a given situation, if a smoking ban is enforced.

  3. How your information was acquired
  4. Information gathering is a main part of any research project and you must take care to do it properly. Any methods used to gather information must be approved by professionals in the field, failure to do this may result in your paper being discredited or received negatively.

  5. Your main points
  6. This is a five paragraph essay, so there is not much room to go into every detail surrounding the matter. After gathering your information, you should select the most important facts to include in your paper. You can provide references to further information, if you feel it’s necessary.

  7. A discussion section
  8. While providing information is important, you must also be able to discuss your data in an objective manner, making sure your readers can follow you train of thought. A smart strategy is to have a friend or peer review your paper for you, this way they can identify any problems that only someone not involved in writing the paper could see.

  9. Conclusion
  10. At the end of every paper, must be a conclusion. This statement serves to wrap up the essay nicely, giving the readers something solid to take with them. Keep your conclusion simple and only make claims that were proven by the information you have presented.