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Hiring An Online Essay Writing Service: 4 Basic Rules To Remember

Below are the four basic rules you should remember when buying an essay on the internet

  1. Check their reputation and professionalism
  2. The internet has all kinds of service providers from high quality writers to cheap and spam services. It is upon you to decide which one is best for you. Trust organic results because they are real and not paid or sponsored. Check the testimonials of the customers and find out what they think about the quality of the services. You can also check the reviews and ranking on other discussion forums and question answer sites. Only hire a company if its existing customers are happy with the services and recommend it to others

  3. Make sure to go through portfolio samples
  4. This is must if you are hiring someone on the internet. You never know whom you might be dealing with. To stay careful, you may also check one of their samples with plagiarism checker and see if it is original. You can also show this sample to your teacher and ask them if they like the quality and style of this essay. It is always a good idea to check before you actually pay someone. You cannot reverse the order once you have paid so it is better to check before

  5. Do not pay complete payment upfront
  6. It is almost a blunder to trust someone to this extent. The agency might be professional or reliable but in order to keep things smooth, you should set milestones or pay maximum 50% amount upfront. This keeps both parties interested in completing the paper because both have some investment at stake. If you set milestones then you can pay as you go and approve each milestone

  7. Be clear in your instructions and preferences
  8. It is very important for successful execution of your paper to stay in touch and communicate your ideas and requirements properly. If you fail to specify your needs to the writer or agency, then it is not their fault. They are professionals and they will stick to whatever you tell them. You need to make sure that you specify the type of essay, the word count, the subject, topic restrictions, writing style, approach and any other preferences. This will save your time and theirs too. They will not have to edit and revise the paper certain times if you give a clear direction in the beginning