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Some efficient techniques for working on your paper

One of the key words in writing your essay is efficiency. You are going to be asked to write many essays during the course of your high school and college years and the more efficient you can become in the creation of your essays the better for you. Of course you want to get better in the actual writing and the grades that you receive but it will certainly take a big load off your mind if you can become more effective and efficient with your essay writing.

There are a number of techniques you can consider to improve your efficiency.

  • Researching material and taking notes.
  • Becoming skilled at a very fast first draft.
  • Proofread the big things first and the little things later.
  • Get the environment right.

Before you write any of your essays you almost certainly need to carry out some research. The first test is to find the relevant research material but then comes the second test. Then you have to read what is relevant to your topic and take notes which you will then use to form references in your essay and notes in your outline. You need to improve your note taking. Look for your own shorthand methods. Learn how to quickly read through a document to get its main points.

Once you've done all the research and the note taking and the creation of the outline, a really good technique is to be able to write that first draft very quickly. Many students baulk at this idea. Forget about any possible spelling mistakes or lack of clarity in what you're writing -- just write. The faster the better as you will get the true meaning of your thoughts down on paper.

When it comes to proofreading your essay one important technique is to divide your proofreading into different sections. First you need a broad sweep where you're looking at the whole picture checking to see that you haven't repeated yourself. You tackle the small mistakes, assuming there are any, at a later stage. Develop the technique of knowing the difference between different types of proofreading.

Then there is your environment. If you want to get the best technique for working on your essay you need to have the best environment. Get rid of distractions. Try and establish a routine where you tackle your essay writing in the same place at the same time. The happier you are in your environment the better you are likely to be to work on your essay.