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A List Of Controversial Topics For An Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay is not a common type of essay. It refers to an assay which will discuss about the issues which are yet to be solved. So it is clear that exploratory essays are many times controversial in nature.

Here is a list of controversial topics for an exploratory essay

The Topics

  1. Should we give sex education at school level?
  2. Is it necessary to ban cell phones in schools?
  3. A comparison between nuclear family and joint family.
  4. Is it necessary to ban cast system in India?
  5. Is it right to execute all the politicians who are corrupted.
  6. Is it fair to ban the death penalty?
  7. Are call girls responsible for spreading AIDS?
  8. Who is better girl friend or call girl?
  9. Is it possible to stop pollution?
  10. Is it true that our process of election is not fair?
  11. Can student give grades and credits to their teachers?
  12. Competition in the students is bad or good?
  13. Is it o.k. to show violence in public media?
  14. Is it ethical to take a donation for admission in the college?
  15. Is it true that the admission process in the college is very much competitive in nature?
  16. Is there any peculiarity in the process of adoption in a lesbian family?
  17. Can the cloning of DNA be banned?
  18. The UFO mystery
  19. Is suicide a personal ride?
  20. Is it necessary to approve gay marriage by the government?
  21. Is it ethical to legalize incest?
  22. Should it be wise to legally approve gambling?
  23. Paternities leave for males is necessary or not?
  24. The jealousy among girls is greater than among men or not?
  25. Is it possible to accuse a husband for raping the wife of his own?
  26. Is it true that the pressure of school makes the students less creative?
  27. Should the parental torture of the children be banned?
  28. Which are safer video games or outdoor games?
  29. Is it fair to give punishment to the students by teachers?
  30. Is cricket destroying the future of other games?
  31. Is it true that all professional wrestling are fakes?
  32. The cell phone is more a good thing or bad thing?
  33. Are atomic bombs anyway necessary for the world?
  34. Is it ethical to use animals for research work?