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4 Excellent Suggestions On How To Write An Illustration Essay

An illustration essay makes use of examples and illustrations in order to prove a point. Therefore, the most important part of this type of writing is the examples. It does not matter how lengthy your paper is, if it does not have relevant examples, you will have defeated the entire point of it. Here are four tips that will help you write an excellent illustration essay.

4 excellent suggestions on how to write an illustration essay

  1. Introduce the topic early on
  2. Since an illustration essay depends on the examples that you use to prove a point, make sure that you introduce that point in the introduction of the paper. Space and time are of the essence in an illustration essay. If you are writing about the fact that the United States could have avoided being a part of the Second World War, for example, do not give descriptions of how bloody the war was in general. Simply explain how the bloodshed is relevant in the context of the United States’ participation.

  3. Use Keywords
  4. Find out what the main parts of your topic are and use them to stay focused. For example, when writing about the topic suggested above, you get two major keywords: United States and the Second World War. Using these will not only lead to the events that led to the country joining the war, but also of their significance on the whole and individually. Thus, it will keep you from going astray in your paper. Use the keywords as the rudder that guides your writing in the direction of comprehensive assembly.

  5. Pay attention to how you describe
  6. Your example should be relevant and incredibly precise. It is advisable to thoroughly research your topic before writing the paper, so you have a lot of examples to refer to when looking for one in a suitable context. Additionally, do not look for only generic, clichéd examples. Bring something new and important to the essay. When writing about how the United States could have avoided the Second World War, you need not only mention the attack on Pearl Harbor, but other smaller but relevant incidents as well.

  7. Compare and Contrast
  8. Even though you will proceed by keywords, you may come across examples that fit into more than one context. Make sure to compare the background, results and relevance of both. If you want, you can create an entire section dedicated to this analysis.