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5 Magic Tips For Writing An Introduction For A Comparative Essay

A comparative essay is the type of paper, which requires the students to write a comparison between two different subjects or compare the two different sides of the same subject. This type of paper is relatively easier to write because you have to compare the similarities or differences or create a comparison and it is easy. If you can think of the first few points, the counter arguments will be automatically available and you can easily build upon them. Writing essays usually requires a trigger and some basic strong arguments. If you are able to develop them through brainstorming then the rest of the process will be much easier.

The introduction is one of the most important sections in your paper. This is the first impression of your paper and acts as a transition for your reader from his world to yours. This part of your paper determines whether the reader will continue with the rest of your assignment or not. You need to make sure that you write a strong paper and give them reason to read and invest their time in your paper. Here is a guide for you to write a strong introduction for a comparative essay.

  1. The first thing in your introduction is the beginning. You need to take a strong start to leave a good impression on your readers. You may want to begin with a short story that you will come around at the end, use a relevant quotation from a famous person, have a strong assertion, give a fact or statement that will surprise or outrage your readers or start with the counter argument. Whatever you do, you need to make sure it did not go unnoticed and that your readers will have a reaction towards it. Never start with a dictionary definition
  2. The second thing you should include is to show the problem or present the topic of your paper. If you are stating urban life is better than rural life, then you need to present this statement to your readers in a clear and easy to understand manner
  3. The third thing is how you will address the problem in your paper and why is it important to address this issue
  4. The fourth thing could be your thesis statement which you have to include by the end of your introduction paragraph and explain the scope of your work