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The Life of Muhammad

Muhammad is widely regarded as the preacher of Islam and the last and original prophet of God by the followers of Islam worldwide. There have been many accounts and illustrations regarding this great and acclaimed prophet but the first among to create a detailed chronology of the life of Muhammad and presenting it in an audio visual format is the British documentary mini series titled The Life of Muhammad which was aired on the worldwide popular television channel BBC. The uniqueness of this documentary was that it strictly adhered to the norms and protocols of Islam and did not contained any dramatization of the life events of the great prophet and didn’t even tried to show any picture of Muhammad or any of the individuals related to him. It was made on a large scale and was shot exclusively in important historic and exotic locations.

The life of Muhammad was first of its kind to be broadcasted on any western non Islamic television channel. It was made in the year 2011 and was made as a mini-series in the form of trilogy or three part miniseries. The documentary was produced by BBC and Tim Arrowsmith. It was directed by Faris Karmani was shot exclusively in the locations that holds an important and historic reference in the history of Islam. The locations where the life of Muhammad was shot are- Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Palestine, United States, United Kingdom and Jordan. Rageh Omaar was the one to host and present the documentary mini-series and it was aired over three weekends in three hour long episodes on July 2011. In this mini-series, Rageh Omaar was shown to travel in these various locations describing and depicting the life events of Muhammad from telling in details his life journey as an Arab salesman and businessman to the ultimate prophet of God and the founder of Islam. The mini-series or the telefilm was divided into three parts. The first episode was titled as “The seeker” where the birth city of Mecca of Muhammad is shown and his life events in that place is depicted. The episode ends with his marriage to Khadijah and receiving his first message from the God’s angel Gabriel. The next episode titled “Holy Wars” depicts Muhammad’s journey to become the ultimate prophet of God and laying the stones of Islam and his wars to unify the Arabian peninsula and the Muslims. The third and the last episode of this trilogy is named as the “Holy Peace” describing Muhammad’s preaching and sermons till his death in Medina.