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How To Use The Right Linking Words In An Academic Essay

When it comes to what makes an essay a great one, it is not only the content but lots of other elements that determine its greatness. One of such elements is good flow of sentences. When such flow is lacking, your target readers will find your paper very boring and in some cases, might just lose track of what they are reading. In order to avoid such scenario, it is important you learn how to properly use the right linking words in writing your academic paper. Some tips to help you with this include the following:

  • Understand The Use Of Linking Words: When you talk about linking words, they are those phrases or words that are used for the purpose of connecting different ideas or linking up one or more paragraphs. The particular word or phrase you choose gives a different meaning to the following sentence and as such, you should always choose the right linking words for your essay.
  • The Words For Addition, Showing Similarity And Agreement Are Different: If you want to add more information, show similarity or agreement in a sentence, there are different words or phrases that should be used. Some of these words are: (a) Also, equally, and, as well as, together with. (b) Like, identically, by the same token. (c) Of course, in the light of etc
  • Use Linking Words Wisely: For the fact that linking words are supposed to be used in your essay does not mean you should over use them. In order to effectively make use of linking words, you need to properly organize the content of your paper. When linking words are over used, you will only end up losing track of the direction of your paper as there will be far too many transitions.
  • Place Them At The Appropriate Places: It is not compulsory that linking words must be found at the beginning or end of sentences and paragraphs. Most times, the appropriate place might fall in the middle of the paragraph or sentence and at other times, at the end or beginning. Simply ensure that you only transition at the right place, be it in the beginning, end or middle of sentences or paragraphs.

These are some of the ways you can effectively use the right linking words in an academic essay. Remember, you can use these words to help your ideas from within your writing, guide your target readers as to where your argument is headed and finally, seamlessly bring your paragraphs together.