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Practical Advice On Creating A 5-Paragraph Literature Response Essay

When it comes to writing a masterpiece literary material, one of the biggest determinants a student should always take into account is the scope of one’s writing. Simply defined, scope is the length of any piece of literature and on this premise, we ask the question; how much is enough or how long an essay should be. Many students tend to fill their writing with fluff which means that most of what is written is irrelevant or have no bearing with question asked. This would certainly earn you nothing better that low marks. As one move up the academic ladders, things become a little more demanding and this includes how long one should write.

Fundamentally, a standard essay format constitutes introduction, body and conclusion. This is basically a three-paragraph write up. However, a five-paragraph write up should not be a big deal if you plan well beforehand. But even then, it is imperative to note that planning alone is not enough. There is more to simply putting down ideas on paper and call it a complete and comprehensive article. It is also important to take into account the type of essay you have been assigned to write. For example, how are you supposed to go about crafting a literature response material? This question brings to mind such issues as what should be include, style of writing, how long it should be and the language or rather use of words. People of great literary minds have shared their views on the best ways to craft a five paragraph response write up, however, in this post, we take a look at only that which is practical, so read on for details.

Planning your ideas

Writing a paragraph article will always start and end fast. This is simply to say, it is one of the shortest writing encounters a student will always have, therefore, chances of missing out on the most important things are very likely. However, to avoid this, planning should be part and parcel of the whole writing process. If it is a literary response essay you are writing, make sure your thesis statements come first in each and every paragraph.

Read critics analysis of a literary piece

Relying on your own opinion or view of a book can be skewed. On this premise, fairness will be compromised. To avoid this, read what other authors have to say about a literary piece before writing a response to the same.