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Writing A Powerful Narrative Essay About Love: Basic Hints

Love is quite the topic. As humans we basically shape our entire lives around accomplishing this wonderful feat of nature, dedicating hours of preparation and hard work to acquire things in our lives to facilitate this pursuit even though we have virtually no scientific definition of the concept. Sure science says certain chemical changes happen in the brain and hormones affects in so many ways and the usual emotionless speculative nonsense but I’m sure we all agree that this definition does not quite capture the full effect. Writing a narrative essay about love can be tricky, or simple, it really depends on your personal experience with the subject however, I believe I can provide some simple pointers that any composition about this topic should have. Here are some simple tips that can help you write a powerful narrative essay about love:

  1. Envision yourself in the place of both the participants and observers of the relationship.
  2. Most people agree that the best way to get the largest volume of information about any occurrence or social situation is to partake and gain experience from the event. Doing this can give the writer extensive data to relay in a report.

  3. Speculate on the success or failure of the relationship.
  4. From an observers perspective one can gather lots of conclusions about a relationship by just observing continuously for a period of time. Noting these findings can greatly increase the content and information in the written work.

  5. Consider socioeconomic factors of the participants.
  6. The actions people who are in love may vary depending on social and economical structures. Any non-conventional practice that catches the eyes of the section of the worlds population that are considered to be normal will be branded as taboo or strange.

  7. Describe what happens from both the factual and romantic perspective.
  8. Clearly define the similarities and differences between the aspirations one divulges through love and reality.

  9. State choices that could have been made better as seen through the eyes of the observer.
  10. Many people believe that the third person perspective that an observer can offer to a couple is invaluable because the couple may not see things in this arbitrary light.

  11. End with your opinion of whether these two people should stay together.
  12. Sometimes the truth hurts and this is no exception where love is concerned. There have been recorded accounts that show persons in a relationship may not consider separating until their very way of life is stressed.