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How To Write A Problem Solution Essay Outline: 5 Good Tips

A problem solution essay is an academic paper in which you state a problem, make readers sure that it needs to be solved, provide solution options, prove that they are effective and refute opposite points of view. The essay has a precise, logically-built structure, so you need to keep it in mind when you are preparing for writing. Such papers should be written with the help of an outline that will not let you lose your main guideline, and help avoid repetitions and illogical transitions from one point to another.

How such an outline can be written? There are several useful tips listed below.

  1. Choose an outline structure.
  2. You need to decide whether your plan will be simple or whether it will have subordinate lines. Then, choose letters or numbers you are going to use to determine each point of your plan.

  3. Choose phrase type.
  4. You also need to determine the type of phrases you are going to use in your outline. In most cases, long informative phrases are better, especially if your supervisor or teacher is going to check your outline as a separate work. Whatever you choose, do not mix short phrases and long ones; follow a consistent pattern. You can name points of your plan like Intro, Body and Conclusions, but your teacher will most likely ask you to rename them with more informative phrases.

  5. Introduce the problem.
  6. Make sure that you have composed a phrase that will introduce the problem in a brief way and attract readers’ attention to the problem. Add a subordinate point if there is an interesting fact that has preceded the appearance of the problem.

  7. Move on to the body.
  8. In this part of your plan, you need to give attention to all your main ideas. In your case, they are solutions you are offering for a particular problem. If you want, you can involve subordinate points that will help readers switch to the next main line, but it’s not obligatory. However, giving attention to all points does not mean that your outline has to involve everything said in the essay. Leave something for the project, don’t put down everything you will say in the paper.

  9. Make conclusions.
  10. Don’t forget to include your conclusions. At this point, you need to remember your introduction and rewrite it in other words to show your readers that you have achieved all the goals you have set forth in the beginning.