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Tips And Tricks For All Students To Finish An Academic Essay Successfully

As a student, you will encounter many essays in your academic career. Writing an essay can be a harrowing experience. Here compiled are tips and tricks that may help you to successfully complete any academic essay you are assigned.


The organization of your essay is of great importance. The reader must be able to clearly understand what you are speaking of. Every essay, regardless of topic, should have an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Also, there must be a thesis and supporting evidence.


The main purpose of an essay is to present an argument and/or answer a question or set of questions that are related. Once you have thoroughly researched your topic, you should form a question for which you shall gain evidence to answer. Some good sources for research include the internet, academic journals, newspapers, textbooks, and periodicals. Once you have gathered your research, it is this question or point that will serve as the basis for your thesis statement. As a general rule, the introduction should contain the following:

  • It should grab the reader's attention
  • Leads with an interesting quote or fact or a provocative question
  • Should not be too broad
  • Should present the thesis

Your thesis statement should be clear and specific. It should also be arguable. If there is no alternative explanation, your thesis likely cannot be argued.


During your research, you should have gathered some supporting evidence for your thesis. Each paragraph of your essay's body should focus on one piece of supporting evidence or idea. Each paragraph must begin with a topic sentence, or the main idea. Then the remaining sentences must explain the main idea. Here are a few tips on solid essay paragraphs:

  • Do not change topics within a paragraph
  • This is a good place to respond to possible counterarguments; it will make your argument stronger
  • Stay on track with your thesis statement; avoid giving unnecessary or unrelated information


This is where you will recap your thesis statement. Summarize what you have written in your body paragraphs and leave the reader with a memorable impression of your topic and argument. Be careful not to introduce any new data or information in the conclusion for this may confuse the reader. Once completed, have a peer or tutor proofread it for grammatical errors and sentence flow. You will have completed a successful academic essay.