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Tips And Tricks On How To Excel In Writing A Personal Narrative Essay

Personal narrative essays are not assigned as often as argumentative or persuasive essays. Because they are not commonly assigned, students have challenges writing them. While the essay are about the easiest thing to write about - students themselves, students have difficulty making the essay look like an essay and not a diary entry. To help you complete your essay, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Use the essay format. Even though you are not writing an argumentative essay, you should still use the same essay format with an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. It can be helpful to think of all essays as argumentative, so you will need a thesis, support, and a conclusion. If you think of the narrative as something you are arguing, then you will have an easier time formatting the essay.
  • Teach something. Your narrative essay will tell a story about your life, but it will also teach your readers something about you or about life in general. This is where the argumentative piece comes in. The essay may not be blatantly argumentative, but when you write the piece, you will try to get the reader to see the world from your perspective and through your story. So, as you write your story, do not just tell the story, but comment on it as well. This is where you get to teach the reader.
  • Use active verbs. If you use too many linking verbs, your narrative will not come to life. Active verbs are better to use than adjective and adverbs because your reader will feel more of the action. However, do not think that linking verbs are banned from narrative essays, but just use them sparingly, more for sentence variety than for any other reason. Read a few well written narratives and look at the verbs they use.
  • Visualize as you write. Your readers will want to be able to visualize your story as it unfolds. While the story is probably clear in your mind, you need to write it in a way that it comes to life in your readers’ minds. You will need to step outside of your experience and try to write it as if you were not involved in it. Many narrative writers will actually embellish their stories a bit to make them more lively and emotional to get the readers truly involved.