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Top 40 Easy Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

Persuasive essay is a form of essay where you need to persuade the reader about a particular topic. You need to implement your thoughts in such a way such that the ideas get imprinted in the reader’s mind. Your words should be incepted in their mind and thus you can come up with a good persuasive essay.

Top 40 persuasive essays:

  1. Crash dieting leads to illness.
  2. Fast foods are bad for health.
  3. Muslims and terrorists are the same people.
  4. All work and no play make jack a dull boy.
  5. Voting age limit should be lowered.
  6. Government well fares should be abolished.
  7. Both mother and father should be equally responsible for raising a child.
  8. Schools should have longer vacations.
  9. Sports should be a compulsory part of education.
  10. Cigarettes should be banned.
  11. People have become too dependent on technology.
  12. Censorship is not justified in all places.
  13. Social networking sites invade privacy.
  14. Drinking and driving should be categorized as a first class offence.
  15. Writing letters has lost its use in technological world.
  16. Military personnel should be given the permission to call strike.
  17. studying in high class school does not enrich your study pattern, it depends on the faculty.
  18. Music download should be banned strictly as it leads to the downfall of music industry.
  19. Students should be allowed to choose their own subjects from high school.
  20. The rising hunger in the world is due to over population.
  21. lack of education leads to over population.
  22. Homework should be banned.
  23. The inhumanity against women is due to lack of respect amongst men.
  24. Comic book should be a part of a middle school education system.
  25. music should be made compulsory as a part of education.
  26. Humanity is the first thing that a child should learn in school.
  27. Visiting old age home should be a must exercise in school for all students.
  28. Conserve fuel to have a better sustainable future.
  29. Driving license test should be valid for a person below the age of 21.
  30. Cheating should never be encouraged.
  31. Free school meal should be made compulsory by the authorities.
  32. Zoos are not a good place for animals to be kept.
  33. School students should be provided with laptops for their personal works.
  34. Government should financially students who parents don’t have a stable income.
  35. Attendance should not be made strict.
  36. Tests should not be the point of evaluation for students.
  37. There shall be no political association in school.
  38. People working for the social welfare should be aided by the government.
  39. Drugs should be completely banned.
  40. The legal age for capital punishment should be reduced to 16.