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Race and Ethnic Values

The world is made up of so many different kinds of people. We are lucky enough to have different races and ethnicities all around us all of the time. Even America itself is one giant mix of all different races and ethnicities. We try to think mostly about how we are all the same, because deep down we are mostly the same. However, our values can be different depending on our race or ethnic background. Why are our values different? How do our values affect our behavior? What makes one value right and another wrong?

Depending on our race and ethnic background, all of our values are different from those of other races and ethnicities. The question is why does this happen? What makes them different? Well, mostly it is just about how, or in some cases where or by whom, we were brought up. In some races virginity is valued higher than in others; therefore you would be brought up to believe that. In some races honor is above all else so that is what you would learn. Our values are different because of the thoughts on values of the people who raise and teach us.

Our values change our behavior drastically. For example if you were brought up to think that it is never okay to steal as one of your values than you are far less likely to do so. In some cultures because of their ethnic background they believe that honor, the honor that is shown to one’s family by the community, is above all else.

This might change your behavior to make you act in an honorable way. Also if taught that someone who dishonors the family name must be killed in order to restore it, than you may believe that to be the best way to act. What makes one value of one race right and another wrong? Well, to be honest there are no clear lines. Because these beliefs are so powerful and deeply engrained, everyone thinks that their way is the right way and everyone else’s is the wrong way. It is all just a matter of perspective.

The values that we all have inside of us shape us and our lives in dramatic ways. While all values may be different from race to race, they still have the same kind of affects on us. They make us who we are and shape what we do in our lives. Values are the core of our understanding of right and wrong, for everyone, not just one race or ethnicity.