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How Do You Write A Research Essay On Global Warming?

A research essay on global warming is a common assignment in high school and college. It requires students to study the causes, effects, and solutions to the temperature increase and communicate their findings in the written form. To complete your work, you need to review the literature, find statistical data, formulate your thesis, and support it with evidence. The following guidelines will help you write your paper with ease.

How to Complete Your Research Essay Assignment

  1. Choose a narrow topic.
  2. You need to focus your work by selecting an important aspect of global warming that concerns you, e.g. examine how people in Oceania adapt to climate change or investigate why governments in some developed countries don’t force business to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  3. Gather the sources.
  4. Before you start writing, it makes sense to locate resources, such as books published on your topic, academic journals about environmental issues, interviews with experts and politicians, and so on.

  5. Study the literature and brainstorm for ideas.
  6. When you’re exploring your topic, take notes on information you find and develop your own point of view. Then, formulate a debatable thesis statement and think of arguments that can support it.

  7. Write an outline.
  8. You should outline the main points of your essay and organize them in a proper manner. It’s important to ensure that your paper flows logically and provide all the required explanations.

  9. Create your first draft.
  10. It’s a good idea to build the body of your paper first. Then, formulate your conclusion and save an introduction for last. You need to ensure that every paragraph is written to the point and corresponds to the topic.

  11. Put finishing touches on your assignment.
  12. After your first draft is ready, create a catchy title, rework unclear sentences or paragraphs, format the list of works cited, and run a spell and grammar checker on your document.

Sample Topics for a Research Essay on Global Warming

  • The pros and cons of climate change for the United States.
  • The scientific theory behind global warming.
  • Changing the climate: how to reduce car emissions.
  • “An Inconvenient Truth”: facts and myths about global warming.
  • Global warming effects on the Maldives.
  • The main causes and effects of the global temperature increase.
  • The Kyoto Protocol: the destruction of hopes.
  • How to prevent the further temperature increase: possible solutions.
  • The mechanism of the greenhouse effect: the role of human activity.
  • The global warming conflict: developed economies versus developing countries.