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Writing A Speech Rhetorical Analysis Essay On I Have A Dream

Rhetoric is fundamentally a speech delivered by word of mouth. History has recorded great orators and one of them is Martin Luther King. In his speech ‘I have a Dream,’ Luther envisaged an American society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities. Also, the speech has undergone numerous classifications and analysis to suit various academic disciplines. In its very own unique style, talking about rhetoric has never been enough without a mention of the ‘I have a Dream’ speech. In colleges around the world, the powerful words which Luther included in the speech continue to be discussed within the walls of classrooms and administration blocks. The powerful nature of the speech is definitively a clear indication of just how rhetoric was powerfully conceived with an aim of inciting revolutions to bring about change. The change which we witness today in term of equal civil rights and employment opportunities borrow its success heavily from such speeches as ‘I have a Dream.’

Well, if in your college studies this becomes one of the speeches you are required to analyze, how will you go about it? Of course it will from the onset elicit a big interest in you and this is largely attributed to the popularity with which the speech has been known for decades now. However, academic writing such as analysis essays require more than just interest and this is where you need to take a look at a site like this for professional assistance. In this post, we also take a look at some tips that will help you do an analysis essay on I have dream.

  • A copy of the speech should start you off
  • The speech I have a dream is all over the internet and so when you are tasked to write an essay on the same, you can always download one for your personal reading. Well, this is important because the best way to do a rhetorical analysis comes through reading a speech first in order to have a good grasp of it.

  • A look into logos, pathos and ethos
  • Speeches are written based on these three principles which are fundamentally, the ability to write coherently, appeal to emotions and adhere to ethical considerations. How did Luther take care of these in his speech?

  • A look at biases in the speech
  • Is the speech biased in one way or another? This is one of things a rhetorical analysis of a speech should entail.