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Creating A Visual Argument Essay: Effective Directions For 7th Grade Students

Writing academic papers of different styles and types is never going to get old. As long as you are in your student life, you will keep receiving assignments and completing them to score well in the paper. If you are in your 7th grade, then you would already be familiar with essay writing assignments. This is easier because all of these assignments follow the same format of introduction, body and conclusion. However, if you are to create a visual argument, it will take a little more efforts than usual. You have to make sure that you create a winning and strong stance and convince the audience of your ideas with facts and logic. This is often challenging for students because they create one stance but are confused about it throughout the assignment. They keep on changing directions and add alternative data. This is wrong approach towards a visual argument. You should develop a clear stance and stick to it throughout your paper if you want to convince your audience of your ideas

If you are looking for some source where you can find help with such assignment or get a sample to follow, then you should go ahead and try this site. You will find plenty of directions and guidelines on how to create your paper or even order a custom assignment if you are short of time or skills. Below are some directions for students in 7th grade to create an effective paper

  1. Understand the difference between the purpose and type of paper
  2. A visual analysis is different from written so you will have to see the difference and do some research on it

  3. Analyze the artwork carefully
  4. Critically evaluate and analyze the work that you are going to talk about

  5. Find support for your argument
  6. Use authenticated and valid sources to find supporting evidence

  7. Structure your paper
  8. Create a structure of your paper based on the data you have and purpose you are trying to achieve

  9. Write a draft
  10. Once you have a structure and the data to include in your paper, you can go ahead and start the writing phase. Do not worry about the grammar and spellings at this stage because you can fix them later

  11. Edit and proofread
  12. It is critical to edit and proofread your work before you submit it to your teacher. You have to understand the importance of revision and presentation in academic writing