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How To Write My Essay With Flying Colors: Advice For Rookies

As a rule, students consider essay writing to be the worst fear in the world. They usually hate such assignments and find them boring. However, this type of work gives a lot of advantages. For example, you can not only learn certain information by heart, but also understand and analyze it. Writing an essay also trains the ability to show thoughts and emotions in a neat and precise way. Thus, communication skills improve and develop too.

It’s essential to know some main rules for successful essay writing. They aren’t difficult to follow, but very helpful. Knowing and using them any person can create a wonderful work.

  1. Always remember about the structure: introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. These three magic words make the task easier for students, as they bring definite logical order into the whole presentation.

    • Introduction both gives the topic itself and marks the key points in general.
    • Body paragraph consists of basic work material and information. It’s necessary to clarify the importance of the subject, ground the argumentations and prove the statements with the examples in this part of the paper.
    • Conclusion resumes the major idea of the work.

  2. Make up a plan before you start. This simple detail will help concentrate on valuable and interesting facts. You will spend a few minutes at the beginning, but nothing will be confused or left behind. It’s like having a finished essay in front of your eyes only in brief. It adds confidence and calmness. You know what to do and where to go. There is no way for you to lose the thought, no matter how nervous you are.

  3. Avoid using complex structures, write simple sentences instead, thus you won’t make any stylistic or grammatical mistakes. Moreover, enriching your work with various synonyms will make it more interesting.

  4. Take your time whether it’s possible. If an essay is a home task, put it aside for a while, after finishing it. When you come back and read it once again you are sure to find mistakes, perhaps, a new idea will flash on your mind or maybe you will want to change something. In addition, ask someone else to read your creation. It’s very useful, because another point of view may suggest you something unusual and unexpected. When writing your essay in an exam, try to leave a few minutes at the end to check it. Editing draws your attention to the details you have missed.